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"Clinicom is an accurate and reliable way to triage our students prior to their first appointment."
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Mark Sendler
"Clinicom liberates clinicians from routine, rote data gathering, dramatically optimizing time spent."
Martha Kunis
Clinic Manager
"Clinicom is a safe space to disclose sensitive topics. Patients find the experience highly acceptable."
Kelly Stuart
Clinical Director
No More Misdiagnosis and Administrative Burden.

Traditional methods often lead to misdiagnosis, impacting patient care. Administrative burdens hinder efficiency. 

Clinicom ensures accurate assessments reducing the risk of misdiagnosis. Simultaneously, Clinicom's intuitive platform streamlines administrative workflows, freeing up valuable time for clinicians to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional care to their patients.

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Increased identification of hidden comorbidities
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Clinicom's Adaptive Augmented Intelligence

Clinicom's Platform Features Over 80 Mental Health Conditions Assessed, Aligning with DSM-5 Criteria for Accurate, Patient-Centric Care.

Clinicom is eligible for reimbursement through most insurance carriers, contributing to the revenue growth of your clinic.

Invite Your Patient

Send secure links via Clinicom for patients to register on any device. Patients easily complete Clinicom's adaptive assessment at their own pace.

Clinician Review

Clinician reviews the easy to read patient summary and detailed report during the initial consult. Learn more about your patient and get off to a faster start.

Enhance Decision making

Clinicom enables proper evaluation and management. Our proprietary Accept/Reject feature allows clinicians to retain ultimate diagnostic control.

Follow-up and planning

Conveniently track patient progress and plan follow-ups for comprehensive care. Follow-ups can be sent to the patient directly, or to third-party reporters such as family members and care-givers.

Clinicom Is Thorough And Never forgets to ask the right questions.

Clinicom in the Words of Clinicians

Discover the impact of Clinicom through the eyes of those at the forefront of mental health care. Hear firsthand experiences from clinicians who have embraced Clinicom and witnessed a paradigm shift in their practice.

Clinicom's comprehensive approach and security standards have transformed the way I deliver mental health care.
Emily Thompson
The ease of use and the wealth of training resources make Clinicom a must-have in any clinician's toolkit. It's a true ally in patient care.
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Olivia Davis
Clinicom gives us unprecedented ability to accurately assess populations within large health delivery systems. Very reliable!
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Ava Johnson

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