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David D. Harwood, MD. FAPA
Past President of the Alabama Psychiatric Physicians Association

CLINICOM™ will become an integral part of your assessment process

We understand that every practice is different, and will have different needs to be met. Adopting CLINICOM™ as part of your practice will allow you to engage your patients before you meet them. CLINICOM™ is a secure portal for physicians, mental health professionals and patients. Think of CLINICOM™ as a way in which you can assure that every important assessment question is asked every single time. Features in CLINICOM™ allow doctors to simplify the development of a treatment plan and greatly improve their differential diagnosis.

A powerful feature within the application allows the doctor to accept, rule out, or reject any diagnosis suggested by Clinicom or add his or her own diagnosis which will also reflected in the final report. Even though CLINICOM™ reports suggest possible diagnoses, they are never intended to replace a doctor's professional opinion. CLINICOM™ reports should never be used strictly as a diagnostic instrument, but more as a reference point used to establish a diagnosis after conducting a formal interview.

CLINICOM™ Users Feedback

  • 92% said CLINICOM™ was simple to use
  • 86% said that CLINICOM™ was easy to understand
  • 88% said that CLINICOM™ is thorough
  • 66% completed CLINICOM™ in one hour or less

The survey was conducted independently by a third-party group
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