The World's MOST COMPREHENSIVE Mental Health Assessment Platform

Efficiently assess for 80+ possible mental health conditions.

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Identifies comorbidities.
Avoid improper treatments.
Enhanced differential diagnosis.

Finally, A Technology Innovation For Behavioral Health!

Clinicom was developed to enrich patient visits by providing clinicians with precise patient information prior to meeting; eliminating misdiagnosing and wasting of valuable time.

It's a HIPAA compliant assessment tool completed online by the patient on any Internet-capable device, including tablets, mobile phones, or computers.

Developed collaboratively by board-certified Psychiatrists, researchers, and computer scientists, the complex adaptive algorithms assess and track most mental health conditions.

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With Over 311,963
Mental Health Conditions Suggested

Clinicom helps clinicians efficiently assess for 80+ possible mental health conditions with 94 proprietary algorithms that adhere to the gold-standard DSM-5 rules. Clinicom also includes 35 additional standardized assessments like the HAMD, PHQ9 and 25 psychosocial informational questionnaires. 

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FEATURES and benefits

What Sets Clinicom Apart

Driven by technology to enable the clinical decision maker.


94 proprietary algorithms

Adaptive algorithms that self-adjust to efficiently assess for mental health conditions.

80+ mental health conditions

Comprehensive and individual assessments for over 80+ mental health conditions.


Doctor retains diagnostic controls and can accept, reject, rule out or add diagnosis.

40+ Standardized Scales

Including HAMD, PHQ9, ACE-Q, PCL-5, MADRS, BPRS, ATRQ and GAD7.

29+ DSM-5 Based Questionnaires

From Major Depression, Anxiety and Autism to Schizophrenia and Substance Use Disorder.

25 Informational Questionnaires

From Biographical Data, Concomitant Medications, Comorbidities, and Social History, to Treatment History and failed medications.

HIPAA Compliant

Patient privacy is our top priority. Separate encrypted databases for personal information and Clinicom responses.

End-to-End Encryption

Data at rest 512-Bit encryption. Data in motion TLS/SSL encryption

highly secured servers

Servers are in highly secured US-Based IBM cloud environment.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Clinicom is compliant for use in FDA clinical trials as both a pre-screener and end-point gathering tool.

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