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The World’s MOST ADVANCED Clinical Decision Support System for Mental Health

Clinicom is the world's only comprehensive Mental Health Platform that can assess and monitor 80+ DSM conditions from a single adaptive ML assessment using adaptive Augmented Intelligence. Clinicom lowers the clinical burden of executing high quality mental health care while improving clinical and administrative workflows.

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Enhance Clinical Decision Making

Clinicom is the most advanced DSM-based bio-psycho-social intake and assessment platform available. Using Clinicom's proprietary Augmented Intelligence for Clinical Decision making improves diagnostic accuracy.


Why Is Clinicom Important?

Clinicom allows me to be in two places at once

Accurate assessments with minimum necessary appropriate questions.

Clinicom is an accurate and reliable way to triage our students prior to their first appointment.

Clinicom liberates clinicians from routine, rote data gathering, dramatically optimizing time spent.

Clinicom is a safe space to disclose sensitive topics. Students find the experience highly acceptable.

Clinicom gives us unprecedented ability to accurately assess populations within large health delivery systems.

User friendly even in the beginning, easy to schedule follow up assessments. Easy to use and extremely helpful!

We can get to the heart of things quicker and our initial first two months are much more focused and much more efficient.

Makes my assessments more streamlined and thorough! The user interface is excellent. Platform is extensive and intuitive.

Clinicom is superior in its capacity, efficiency, accuracy, and quality. I strongly recommend Clinicom to any behavioral health organization.

Automate Clinical Documentation

Automate Clinical Documentation and SOAP notes using a combination of Augmented Intelligence, the patient’s own words, and clinical insights.
Empowering Mental Health Care Clinicians

Elevate Your Patient Care and Streamline Your Clinical Workflow

Clinicom is a clinically validated Clinical decision Support platform to enhance the delivery of behavioral healthcare through augmented intelligence, clinically validated over fifteen years by leading psychiatric researchers and clinicians. Clinicom is the world's only comprehensive Clinical Decision Support System that can assess and monitor 80+ DSM conditions from a single autonomous assessment using adaptive augmented intelligence. Clinicom lowers the clinical burden of executing high quality mental health care while improving both clinical and administrative workflows. Clinicom uses the same data and security standards implemented within FDA clinical trials to track and monitor treatment outcomes for metric based care.

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With Over 1 MILLION +
Conditions Assessed and Growing

Clinicom helps clinicians efficiently assess for 80+ possible mental health conditions with proprietary algorithms that adhere to the gold-standard DSM-5 rules. Clinicom empowers clinicians to effectively evaluate more than 80 mental health conditions by utilizing proprietary autonomous adaptive algorithms that align with the gold-standard DSM-5 criteria. In addition, Clinicom integrates an extensive selection of validated standardized assessments to track and gauge treatment effectiveness following the initial assessment. This approach empowers clinicians with measurable results that can be referenced throughout the patient's path to wellness, creating a holistic and data-driven mental health care experience.


Care team satisfaction


Patient engagement rate


Of patients said Clinicom was easy to use


Of patients said it was thorough


Increase in capacity with existing resources

Statistics are Clinicom user statistics. Information and results may vary dependent on clinical setting.


Completion rate with no human intervention


Engagement after 90 days


Increased identification of hidden comorbidities in mental health.


Reduction in no show rate


Reduced Time to response


Reduced Emergency Department utilization


Reduction in time to remission

Statistics dependent on clinical setting.

FEATURES and benefits

What Sets Clinicom Apart

Driven by technology to enable the clinical decision maker.
Lowers Clinical Documentation and Intake Burden
Clinician has all relevant bio-psycho-social information while seeing the patient.
Never forgets to ask the right questions.
Drastically improve rapport with patients.
Maximize clinician’s time to address patient’s issues.
Reduce number of visits required to obtain a proper diagnosis
Reduce number of visits to stabilize patients.
Reduce hospitalizations by stabilizing patient's conditions sooner.
Improve bandwidth in the Emergency Room by remote screening.
Improve Clinical Decision Making and Differential Diagnosis.
Uncover hidden comorbidities.
Improve outcomes for patients.
Track medication effectiveness.
Track treatment outcomes over time.
Get reimbursed by most insurance carriers.
Never forgets to ask the right questions.
Helps uncover the majority of mental health conditions.
Patient personal information and assessment answers are kept in separate encrypted databases.
Patient data is protected by a secure 512-Bit encrypted environment.
Patients can tell their complete story with no time limits in their own words.
Patients can elaborate as much as they like on important topics.
Safe and secure place to share sensitive topics such as abuse.
Allows patients to freely respond to questions in a private, judgement free space.
Allows patients the ability to ask their doctor to share a PDF of their report for health data portability.
Enables patients to visualize and learn what symptoms are contributing to their condition.
Enables patients to visualize and learn about their treatment progress.
Clinicom can be used for children 5+, adolescents, and adults.
The most advanced Decentralized Clinical Research tool for CNS studies.
Perfect for Virtual, Hybrid, or on site study Designs.
Triage Patients by Exact Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria.
Custom remote prescreening tailored to your Protocol.
Reduce/eliminate Screen Failures.
Identify which sites actually have the appropriate subjects before you activate the clinical research site.
Objectively measure the quality of the subjects at a site prior to activating the site.
Objectively measure overall Site quality – no more inaccurate Site Feasibility Questionnaires.
Assess Study feasibility in real time.
Assess Protocol Viability with Sponsor Dashboard.
Identify restrictive Inclusion / exclusion criteria before the study starts.
Identify potential amendments to protocol prior to study start.
Gather primary and Secondary end points for Clinical studies using 40+ standardized instruments.
Reduce Transcription Errors.
FDA CH21 Part 11 Compliant.
Data can be API’d directly into EDC’s or data given in common formats for Data upload.
Complete Audit Trials.
$12 Per Patient includes initial comprehensive patient intake and unlimited follow-ups for 12 months.
Stabilizes patients faster by accelerating treatment course. It takes an average of 8 years and multiple doctors to get accurately diagnosed for a major mental health condition.
Reduce hospitalizations by stabilizing outpatients. Stable patients don’t need hospitalization.
Reduce drug expenses. Most patients try multiple drugs before finding the right medication. Get the correct medication to patients the first time.
Ultimately lower overall insurance claims.
Reduce Doctor shopping. If your clinician can be more accurate and affective with Clinicom then patients will change clinicians less frequently, reducing treatment costs.
Track medication efficacy.
Improve quality of care and increase access to value-based medicine.
Reduce time required for clinician to determine accurate diagnoses.
Improve Telemedicine Screenings and documentation of telemedicine visits.
Reduce opportunity for fraudulent claims.
Prove performance by tracking patient progress and medication efficacy.
Invaluable database for outcomes research.
Decentralized and device agnostic data collection.


proprietary algorithms

Adaptive DSM Based algorithms that self-adjust to streamline the assessment of mental health conditions from one assessment.

80+ mental health conditions

Clinicom’s adaptive intelligence assesses for over 80 conditions autonomously from a single click.


Clinicians retain full diagnostic controls and can accept, reject, rule out or add diagnosis using our patented process.


Clinicom’s adaptive clinical decision support system automatically generates clinically validated follow-ups.


Clinicom distinguishes itself as the only comprehensive clinical decision support system based on full DSM criteria*.


Gather complete H&P, including Demographic Data, Concomitant Medications, Comorbidities, Quality of Life, and Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), Treatment History and Failed Medications.


Patient privacy is our top priority. Clinicom is HIPAA and GDPR compliant and uniquely separates personal information and Clinicom responses in separate encrypted databases.

End-to-End Encryption

Maximum data security, safeguarding data with 512-Bit encryption at rest and TLS/SSL in motion.

highly secured servers

Servers are in a highly secured IBM cloud environment.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

Adhering to 21 CFR Part 11 for FDA compliant clinical trial usage as both a pre-screener and endpoint tool.

*Clinicom covers all DSM conditions with the exception of neurodegenerative diseases and some personality disorders

Only $12 Per Patient

Just $12 Per Patient includes: 

  • Initial comprehensive patient intake 
  • Unlimited patient follow-ups for 12 months
  • Unlimited Access to the Clinicom Clinical Decision Support System
  • No User or Seat Fees, No Recurring Monthly Charges

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