Who We Help

At Clinicom, we believe in creating a world where access to comprehensive mental health care is a universal reality, not a distant dream.

effective and personalized mental health care

Leveraging our innovative data-driven adaptive clinical intelligence, we assist an expansive range of professionals and institutions, enhancing their ability to provide effective and personalized mental health care like never before. We're passionate about transforming mental healthcare and ensuring every person gets a chance to be heard, understood and not rushed through the system. No matter your industry, field, agency or institution, we're here to help you deliver better, more personalized mental health care for all.

Here's a closer look at the verticals we serve and how Clinicom aids each one of them:
Clinicom Serves all Clinicians

Clinicom empowers clinicians of all types with the ability to provide to patients comprehensive mental health evaluations by sending one link to our adaptive intelligence that assesses for 80+ mental health conditions autonomously. Clinicom automates follow-ups, and lowers clinical documentation burdens, resulting in improved patient outcomes and streamlined practice management across the entire continuum of clinicians. 

From; Social workers, counselors and nurse practitioners, to primary care and psychiatrist. Clinicom fits every clinical setting and is uniquely dynamic. Clinicom empowers Clinicians while providing insightful Statistics and outcome measures on demand for MIPS, HEDIS or other value based programs. 

Clinicom is used in most Provider Settings

From mental health clinics to emergency rooms, Clinicom facilitates comprehensive, standardized mental health assessments, enhancing diagnosis accuracy and treatment effectiveness. As an example, Clinicom can be used in pediatric practices, inpatient hospitals, Mental Health Clinics, CMHOs, Primary care, Urgent Care, TMS centers, At-home care, SUDS, and IOP settings. 

Clinicom can serve all provider settings, enabling advanced value based care and metric based care across all these provider types while ensuring high quality data collection at the highest regulatory standards. Clinicom can also deliver on-demand population health data at any cohort level.

Digital Mental Health Platforms

Clinicom easily integrates with digital platforms to provide adaptive intelligence, augmenting the capabilities of telehealth services, digital therapeutics, and mobile health technology platforms. Clinicom can also empower these organizations with our ready made APIs and analytics platforms to provide on demand Analytics and Outcomes measures.

Clinicom allows executive teams at these organizations to rest easy, knowing that each of their team members are providing the best possible care and that there is a ubiquitous standard for clinical documentation to ensure audit readiness at all times. Clinicom can also provide Phase II-IIIB FDA trial data via our decentralized data-gathering tools and life sciences tool kit. 

Substance Use Treatment/Recovery Organizations

Clinicom aids in the identification, diagnosis, and treatment monitoring of substance use disorders, contributing to the effectiveness of any recovery programs. Clinicom has been battle tested in some of the most challenging addiction centers and IOPS in the country, including homeless populations seeking help from substance abuse. Even in these most challenging settings Clinicom truly shines and empowers both patients and clinicians with dignity, equity, and access. 

Community Settings

Clinicom assists many different community settings in population health triaging and care navigation. Many community settings and clinical settings are understaffed and underfunded. 

Clinicom empowers these organizations with a tool to assess an unlimited size population for pennies on the dollar to a high clinical standard autonomously. We seamlessly guide these organizations to assist in optimizing resource allocations and enhance triaging to the correct level and costs of care. All while Implementing in-depth mental health assessments and treatments, promoting a healthier, happier population from youth services to senior living.

Health Systems

Clinicom enhances care across entire health systems and is the vehicle  and highway of mental health care for health systems. From initial population health triaging and care navigation to integrated monitoring and on-demand cohort and provider level outcomes monitoring,  Clinicom provides data-driven insights for optimizing outcomes and resources enhancing patient care delivery across the entire care continuum.

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Only $12 Per Patient

Just $12 Per Patient includes:

  • Initial Comprehensive Patient Intake
  • Unlimited Patient Follow-Ups for 12 Months
  • Unlimited Access to the Clinicom Clinical Decision Support System
  • No User or Seat Fees, No Recurring Monthly Charges
Population Health

Clinicom's advanced tools have the unique ability to triage an unlimited numbers of persons in many languages, remotely and autonomously, for most mental health conditions and social determinants of health. Clinicom supports public health initiatives, from suicide prevention and crisis management to healthcare burnout mitigation; empowering any enterprise or small care systems to address community needs proactively and triage cases immediately to the right level of care. 

Clinicom has the power to stop school shootings and veteran suicides with our powerful triage and population health tools. Clinicom can also empower any crisis hotline and crisis intervention team in any setting from suburbia to war zones and natural disaster mitigations.

Human Resources & EAPs

Clinicom uniquely provides tools that assist EAP and Compliance departments in maintaining the mental well-being of employees, fostering a healthier, more productive workplace. Clinicom is private and encrypted and can be shared with an independent care navigator while maintaining an employee's confidentiality.

Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences Research and Development

Clinicom supports clinical research organizations and pharmaceutical companies with real-world evidence and patient reported outcomes, aiding in more effective clinical trial designs and improved population health studies. Clinicom helps with site selection and Site optimization while allowing sponsors and CROs to test protocol designs prior to full study launch to assess viability and to uncover any needed amendments before studies randomize their first subjects. 

Clinicom nearly eliminates screen failures and also gathers all data in an FDA CH 21 Part 11 compliant manner ensuring that data gathered in our decentralized clinical trial tool that can be used for submission to regulatory agencies. Clinicom is an amazing tool to gather post marketing data on any CNS drug, device or DTx. Imagine reducing drug development cost while speeding up your clinical trial. Clinicom delivers this and much more for life sciences. 


Clinicom helps educational institutions monitor and manage the mental health of students, promoting a supportive and inclusive learning environment. From large multi campus universities to primary school and after-school programs, Clinicom is serving students of all ages to find a voice and a safe place to be heard and understood with no constraints on settings or time. Clinicom is a safe place for students to be themselves and finally be understood.

Government & Military

Clinicom provides a crucial tool for the Veterans Administration and military hospitals, aiding in the assessment of service members' mental health and their journey towards recovery. Clinicom can serve military and governments alike. From pre and post deployment screenings to mental health evaluations for sensitive roles. Clinicom is a safe, non-biased way to privately and confidentially get help without the fear of retaliation or being labeled. 

Clinicom can also be deployed in theater to any hot zone and increases access and equity in delivering care to all our brave soldiers while increasing bandwidth for resource tight clinical teams in these high stress settings.  

Law Enforcement, Correctional Facilities & Security Services

From police academies, police stations, Sheriffs, State troopers, and security companies  to correctional facilities, Clinicom supports these institutions with comprehensive mental health assessment and management tools, promoting wellness in high-stress occupations and settings.

Clinicom has been used for many years to determine firearm eligibility for our customers. Not everyone deserves the right to carry and use deadly force, Clinicom ensures risk mitigations and identifications of high risk individuals with violent tendencies and irritability issues. Clinicom also serves correctional facilities to provide high level care and care navigation to incarcerated and paroled persons.