frequently asked questions

Clinicom is generally reimbursable by insurance. Providers should check with their insurance payers and verify. Clinicom will provide a robust billing guide and support services to assist in the process.

The length of the Clinicom assessment is dependent on two factors. Which Clinicom product is selected and how complex the patients case is. Short follow-ups can take 3-5 mins to complete, while comprehensive assessments can take 15-25mins to complete. In rare cases with multiple comorbidities times may vary. 

Clinicom has published research in the leading peer reviewed journal for psychiatry as being validated, sensitive and specific. All our standardized test are all validated and have been used for years. Each Assessment type includes standardized validated tests. 

Neurodegenerative Diseases (Alzheimer & Parkinson) & Personality disorders are not assessed within Clinicom.

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