Clinicom in Action

Discover the real impact of Clinicom through the testimonials of clinicians and practitioners who have witnessed the transformative power of precision-driven mental health care. Hear firsthand accounts of improved patient outcomes, streamlined workflows, and the unique experiences of those who have embraced Clinicom. These voices are a testament to the difference Clinicom is making in mental health practices across the globe.

Kelly Peyton MA, LPC-S, RPT-S, CCTP

Clinical Director, Katy Counseling
Katy, TX

“After starting using Clinicom, we soon found that our patients shared details with Clinicom that they never shared before, even after a year of quality therapy”

William Sauve M.D.

Medical Director
Greenbrook TMS (Nation's Largest TMS Centers)

“As Greenbrook TMS's Regional Medical Director, Clinicom has proven invaluable in my daily practice. With patients completing questionnaires ahead of time, I can thoroughly review their clinical history, ensuring a seamless and focused in-office encounter. “

Jerlyn C. McCleod M.D., FAPA

Medical Director
Laurel Oaks and Bradford Health Services

“Clinicom empowers patients to share information privately before their visit, allowing us to focus on a more informed diagnosis during our interview. Patients appreciate the thoroughness, often expressing how Clinicom helps them feel truly understood, making our assessment process more meaningful and patient-centered.”

Jonathan Pfeifer M.D., M.S.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Dothan Behavioral Medicine Clinic

“Clinicom is a game-changer for time management, sparing hours of flipping through the DSM and asking individual questions. It helps prioritize the main and secondary problems, ensuring a focused clinical attention that might have been overlooked. “

David D. Hardwood M.D., DFAPA

Board Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
Montgomery Psychiatry & Associates
Former Alabama APA President

“As a managing partner, I view Clinicom as both a time and money-saving tool. It streamlines our initial assessments, ensuring a focused and efficient start to patient care. Standardized instruments, unlike human clinicians, provide accurate and consistent results, addressing concerns that may be overlooked. “