Easy Online Assessment for Psychiatry Evaluations

Easy Online Assessment for Psychiatry Evaluations

CLINICOM standardizes and organizes the collection of clinical data by using rule-based algorithms and question sets that include, but are not limited to, DSM-5 criteria, as well as expert knowledge based on clinical research, community standards and other widely accepted protocols.

This is a secure and innovative software product, used remotely by patients with at least an 8th grade education level, to provide standardized psychiatric clinical information from the comfort of their homes.

CLINICOM allows patients to choose from 26 possible chief complaints to assess for over 50 possible psychiatric conditions based on the DSM-5 in children , adolescents and adults.

CLINICOM gathers information such as demographics, social history, past history and medications. It also provides analysis of suicide and violence risk of applicable.

CLINICOM has the capability to not only determine the type pf psychiatric disorder(s) a patient is likely exhibiting, but also the degree of severity .

A powerful feature within the application allows the doctor to accept, rule out, or reject any diagnosis suggested by CLNICOM add his/her own diagnosis which will also be reflected in the final report

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