Clinicom Honors Bebe Moore Campbell and Supports BIPOC Mental Health Month


Dothan, AL – July 1st, 2023

Clinicom Honors Bebe Moore Campbell and Supports BIPOC Mental Health Month

Clinicom Healthcare, creator of the world's most comprehensive Clinical Decision Support System for Mental Health, is marking BIPOC Mental Health Month this July to honor the memory of author, advocate, and trailblazer Bebe Moore Campbell. Her legacy continues to be a beacon of inspiration for the advancement of mental health in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities.

The theme for 2023’s BIPOC Mental Health Month is “Culture, Community, and Connection.” This underscores the importance of our personal relationships, our cultural roots, and the strength of our community ties in fostering our mental wellbeing and comprehensive health.

Culture, community, and connection serve as pillars that uplift BIPOC individuals amidst the threats of systemic racism and oppression that often pervade their living, working, playing, and thriving environments. Throughout history, BIPOC communities have carved out systems of support to sustain collective well-being. These systems, deeply rooted in sustained cultural traditions, language, stories, food, art, and more, offer a sanctuary of connection in a world often seeking to ostracize and isolate.

The cultures of BIPOC communities are born from the richness of ancestral wisdom, survival practices, and support systems that have not only sustained life but allowed it to thrive and bloom even in hostile environments. It's the power of community that brings forth social change, health and wellness, knowledge, and strength.

Bebe Moore Campbell, an influential figure in advocating for mental health awareness among BIPOC communities, left an indelible legacy of commitment and courage. An esteemed author and fervent advocate, her impactful stories have shed light on the intersection of racism, mental health, and family dynamics. Campbell’s narratives have significantly influenced the mental health discourse, especially concerning marginalized communities.

Campbell’s work highlighted the harsh realities of systemic racism and its impact on mental health. Her tireless advocacy paved the way for a deeper understanding and recognition of mental health issues within BIPOC communities. Though Campbell passed away in 2006, her enduring legacy continues to inspire and inform the work of mental health advocates globally, reinforcing the importance of culture, community, and connection in the mental health journey.

At Clinicom, we recognize the power of connection and community for healing. Our mission is to provide a platform that promotes access and equity for all, especially minorities and those traditionally underserved in the mental health system. We believe that together, with the continued use of Clinicom’s advanced technology in mental health care, we can help shape a more equitable and accessible mental health landscape.

In this month and beyond, we recommit to making mental health care more equitable, and we stand firm in our commitment to amplify the voices of those in BIPOC communities. We continue to strive for a world where mental health care is accessible to everyone, and where mental health is recognized as a critical part of overall wellness.