Clinicom: Alabama’s Sole Representative in the Prestigious HealthTech 250

Dothan, AL – February 12, 2024 – Clinicom, a leading provider of clinical technology for mental health clinicians, is proud to announce its inclusion in the HealthTech 250 by Galen Growth, a distinction that marks it as the only entity from Alabama, to be recognized in the Global honor. This achievement underscores Clinicom's significant role in offering comprehensive assessments and clinical decision support, enhancing the capabilities of mental health professionals without diagnosing or treating conditions directly.

This acknowledgment by Galen Growth, known for its rigorous, data-driven analysis of digital health ventures, emphasizes Clinicom's contribution to the field through its innovative approach to supporting mental health clinicians. By facilitating detailed assessments and decision support, Clinicom empowers healthcare providers to understand and address their patients' needs more effectively.

Clinicom's recognition in the HealthTech 250 highlights the company's commitment to improving mental health care through technology. As a proud representative of Dothan, Alabama, in the global digital health landscape, Clinicom is dedicated to continuing its work in providing essential tools for mental health professionals.

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About Clinicom

Located in Dothan, Alabama, Clinicom is at the forefront of clinical technology for mental health. By delivering advanced assessment tools and decision support, Clinicom aids clinicians in navigating patient care more efficiently, enhancing the quality of mental health services.