Clinicom Announces Partnership with Beyond Marketing

Clinicom is happy to announce a strategic partnership with Beyond Marketing. This strategic partnership between Clinicom and Beyond Marketing represents a significant step forward in bringing Clinicom's innovative mental health platform to a wider audience, particularly targeting TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) providers. Beyond Marketing, with its robust client base of TMS providers and expertise in marketing within the healthcare sector, is ideally positioned to amplify Clinicom's reach and impact.

By collaborating with Beyond Marketing, Clinicom leverages a unique opportunity to introduce its comprehensive mental health assessment and monitoring platform to professionals who can greatly benefit from its advanced capabilities. This includes the assessment and monitoring of over 80 DSM conditions through a single, adaptive assessment, utilizing augmented intelligence and machine learning to enhance clinical and administrative workflows.

The synergy between Clinicom's innovative approach to mental health care and Beyond Marketing's strategic industry prowess promises to expand access to quality mental health diagnostics and care, ultimately improving patient outcomes and reducing the clinical burden on healthcare providers.

This partnership not only signifies Clinicom's commitment to advancing mental health care through technology but also underscores the potential for impactful collaborations in the healthcare industry to foster growth and innovation. As Clinicom continues to evolve and expand its offerings, partnerships like the one with Beyond Marketing will be instrumental in achieving broader adoption and recognition of Clinicom's platform among TMS providers and beyond.

For more details on how Clinicom and Beyond Marketing are working together to revolutionize mental health care for TMS providers, visit Clinicom's website and Beyond Marketing.